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In a quest to explore the unexplored, responsible and eco-conscious travellers today choose to explore every destination without proving to be a threat to the locality, community or habitat. You stay in your comfort zone of being a ‘tourist’ and look at the animals cordoned off by enclosures. Today, it’s more experiential. Darting from one ‘touristy’ landmark to the next, most of these touch-and-go visits offered only a cursory glimpse.

Such journeys encourage deep diving into a locality’s ecosystem, while also bolstering local habitats and economies. I don’t like staying in hotels because it’s too impersonal. She too believes that engaging with local communities fosters sustainable travel practices. But as travellers evolve, they hope to acquire a deeper insight and want their experiences to be more inclusive and sustainable. . It is local experiences that help you learn more about a place and make you concerned about its wellbeing as well,” she opines.Indian tourists have forever explored each destination with the spirit of conquerors, hopeful of ticking off a laundry-list of attractions. Rahul Kulkarni, owner of ‘Farm of Happiness’, an agro-eco tourism destination says, “Tourism norms in India are changing a lot. It helps one be open to new experiences in a responsible way and look at other aspects, including nature, in the same manner we look at our families.

This makes you compassionate about both — the environment and the communities that live there. In fact, they hope to contribute towards its conservation and proliferation. Travellers are interested in stepping into someone’s shoes to get an insight into their way of life.”Conscious travellers have thus altered their choice of destination to opt for nature-based, eco-friendly and community-based tourism.This thought is echoed by Shikha Bala, a photographer who confesses taking multiple trips in a year. Earlier, it used to be about sightseeing. As the growing breed of ‘conscious’ travellers opt for pristine, lush green destinations, or to connect with secluded communities, one wonders if it can negatively plastic injection molding equipment impact the area and the locals. There is always a wall between you and what you’re viewing and this makes you feel disconnected and uncompassionate towards anyone or anything other than yourself.” Akanksha recalls the shift she has seen in her own travel patterns, as the desire to establish a deeper connect with the environment and the people of the place takes precedence. Thirty-two-year-old Akanksha Pundir, an avid traveller with a travel enterprise of her own called ‘Grass on the Hill’, foregoes the jargon and describes sustainable tourism in a manner that’s relatable and inspiring. She says, “It’s all about empathy and compassion towards everyone and the places you visit.A traveller tries her hand at weaving using sustainably-produced yarnGreen with empathyIn 2018, the residents of Shimla made a plea to tourists to skip the much-favoured summer destination.

“Monetarily, it might benefit the locals, but I wonder if we’re exposing them to urbanised comforts and desires. The tourism industry is still unorganised in India, yet for many states, it is the biggest source of revenue. The hilly capital of Himachal Pradesh was facing an acute shortage of water and the peak tourist season was contributing to its woes.A city-based traveller enjoys a game with a local womanThe sustainable travel enthusiast says, “I was sick of the tick-mark kind of tourism, because, to use an analogy, it makes you feel like a visitor to a zoo. You will automatically become a vigilant traveller and see to it that your actions are sustainable.A traveller interacts with locals during one of Antara’s tripsThe World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) defines sustainable tourism as “Tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment and host communities”, while The Global Development Research Center, an independent non-profit think tank, describes it as being “an industry which attempts to make a low impact on the environment and local culture, while helping to generate income, employment, and the conservation of local ecosystems”.

Depleting natural resources, excessive commercialisation, unmanageable waste output had dented the environment and these are serious concerns in most tourist spots across India. And that’s where sustainable tourism comes into the picture. You never get a chance to interact with the locals, except for maybe, the people working there.”Travellers collect mangoes on the Farm of Happiness. So, you must engage with nature and those who inhabit the place. “When I engage with people from the place, I develop a relationship with the place and this makes me want to be cautious about the way I dispose my garbage, refrain from using and throwing plastic items and opt for homestays rather than five-star properties

The body parts had been dumped near

It was cut into HXH 200 13 pieces, packed in three plastic bags, and dumped in a mango garden. A police team has been sent to Surat to track down a shop whose receipt was recovered from one of the three bags in which pieces of the woman’s body were stuffed. We have sent body samples to JJ Hospital laboratory,” said a police official. The body was found at Datta Khanda village in Panvel.

The body parts had been dumped near a garage at Khanda Colony, Panvel west. No sooner, they alerted police.Police sources said that the hacked body was beyond recognition as the culprit had attempted to disfigure the face by smashing it purportedly with a heavy object in addition to severing the hands, legs and head. Workers at the garage spotted the parts after they found a few stray dogs barking at the garage dump from which they were recovered.Mumbai: In a grisly murder case, the body of an unidentified woman chopped into 13 pieces including her head, was found stuffed inside three plastic bags at Panvel on Wednesday evening.

The woman is yet to be identified but should be aged 25 to 30 years. “We thought that there must be a connection between these two bodies as they have been found within days of each other.Just four days ago, police found the half-burnt body of a man in New Panvel. Panvel police has registered a case of murder under section 302 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and the body has been sent for postmortem

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Google has a slew of other projects up its sleeve and it will be exciting to see whether the company is also looking forward to integrate the upcoming products with existing projects to offer superior virtual reality experience.However, most of its processing power will be drawn from the handset, according to the report.The company is most likely to unveil the new VR headset during the three-day annual developer conference— Google I/O. The specialised version of the product will allow more virtual reality integration into android, thus extending support towards third-party apps.

However the new headset is speculated to have a new plastic casting, with better sensors and lenses.Interestingly, the report also indicated that Google’s new VR headset will support a higher number of smartphones than Samsung’s Gear VR.Even developers will be able to integrate more virtual reality features to their Android apps. The report by the Financial Times suggested that California-based company will be releasing the new VR headset to compete against Samsung’s recently launched Gear VR.Over the past few plastic injection molding machine price years, virtual reality has been gaining traction and numerous technology giants are progressively investing towards developing better VR headsets for consumers.

The new product hardware will be based on a Nexus style design to extend support towards the company’s hardware partners.Around a year and a half earlier, Google came up with an elementary VR headset—the Google Cardboard—with two simple plastic lenses inside a hollow cardboard. Unlike the Cardboard, the company’s upcoming headset will not rely entirely on a smartphone’s equipment. Another specialized version of headset Android VR might also be unveiled alongside the “Nexus Style” VR product. The company is most likely to unveil the new VR headset during the three-day annual developer conference— Google I/O.Now a new report has indicated that Google is planning to improve on its previous VR product offering, and releasing an advanced version of the Google cardboard

So from an urgency and priority perspective

Sperm counts in men from America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand have dropped by more than 50 percent in less than 40 years, according to pooled research published last year, described by one of its authors as an“urgent wake-up call” for further investigation.“In the competitive world of grant funding, there is a view that male infertility is a injection molding factories problem solved,” Sharpe said.

“The quality of evidence we have got in this area falls way behind that of other branches of medicine,” Pacey said.6 percent of the Medical Research Council Populations and Systems panel budget was provided for male infertility research from 2014 to 2017.Most of the focus of infertility research has been on women, however: on what can reduce their fertility and on how that can be averted, compensated for or corrected with treatment.. In more than half of those cases, experts say, the underlying problem is in the male.“Without understanding the biology of how normal sperm work, we can’t possibly understand how they don’t work, or how to correct the problem,” Sarah Martins Da Silva, a reproductive medicine specialist at the University of Dundee told a London briefing this week. So the female is having to bear the burden of the male’s sub-fertility .Yet this progress has also been a work-around for a major part of the problem: Sperm counts are falling drastically worldwide - and have been doing so for decades – and scientists say their honest answer to why is:“We don’t know”.”Comprehensive European or global data on funding going to male fertility research are not available, but in Britain, for example, only around 3.“We have ICSI.

Pacey told Reuters he has“a filing cabinet full of failed applications over the years” and Sharpe noted that once research falls behind, future studies have less to build on.They can make test-tube babies, grow human eggs in a lab and reproduce mice from frozen testicle tissue, but when it comes to knowing how a man’s sperm can swim to, find and fertilize an egg, scientists are still floundering.“The treatments - some of them quite invasive - are to the female partner.”So while estimates suggest as many 1 in 20 young men now have sperm counts low enough to impair fertility, that remains educated assumption, rather than data from specific studies.Attracting funding for fundamental research into possible environmental impacts on sperm counts - chemical exposure, for example, or smoking, obesity, or sport and exercise - is tricky, partly because such studies need vast numbers of people, take many years and may not give clear answers.

“And we are still doing the same thing now.Treatments such as in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), where the sperm is placed into the egg rather than next to it, bypass the male problem rather than treating it, said Richard Sharpe, professor at the University of Edinburgh’s center for reproductive health.“If you’re not producing sexy research that’s going to come up with a magic bullet, then people are not going to give you the money,” he said. OK, this doesn’t fix the problem in the affected men, but it treats the ‘symptoms’, and that’s good enough..Enormous advances in treating infertility in recent decades have helped couples conceive longed-for offspring they previously would not have had.STILL IN THE 1950sExperts say that to address the basic unanswered clinical and scientific questions in andrology - the study of male reproductive health - would require research ranging from large, ideally international, epidemiological studies to detailed lab work to decipher exactly how sperm cells function..”We know that sperm counts are dependent on high levels of testosterone, and there is some knowledge of links between sperm count and infertility, experts say.

But beyond these basics, sperm’s intricacies remain largely undiscovered.Allan Pacey, a senior lecturer in andrology at Britain’s Sheffield University, said even at a basic level - the diagnosis of a possible male fertility problem - the science is lagging. While this approach has produced results - and babies - it has also left male infertility scientifically sidelined.Infertility is a significant global health problem, with specialists estimating that as many as one in six couples worldwide are affected.“So from an urgency and priority perspective, it’s easy to downgrade when compared to cancer, obesity or cardiovascular disease.The techniques of sperm analysis - examining ejaculate under a microscope, counting the sperm, assessing how well they swim, and seeing what they look like - were invented in the 1950s, he said.(And at the same time), we have a very crude snapshot of what is going on in the male

Eight days before the Iraqi’s body was found

“It’s the first time we’ve found the body of a migrant,” Carl Decaluwe, the governor of western Flanders province where Zeebrugge is located, told AFP Monday. Currents are thought to have transported his body to Belgian waters.Brussels: The body of an Iraqi migrant who tried to swim across the Channel from France to Britain China HXW variable pump Injection Molding Machine Factory has been found off Belgium’s coast, Belgian authorities said Monday.He was found drifting near a wind farm some 30 kilometres (18 miles) off Zeebrugge, the Belgian news agency Belga reported.

Migrants are taking ever greater risks to reach Britain from France, which has taken an uncompromising approach towards so-called economic migrants who come to Europe in search of a better life in contrast with those fleeing war or persecution.

Eight days before the Iraqi’s body was found, a Belgian sailor had spotted a man wearing a belt made of empty plastic bottles crying for help in waters off the French coast of Dunkirk.He had attempted the swim after failing to obtain asylum in Germany, according to the agency.

Since January, some 1,450 migrants have been rescued either by British or French coastguards, more than double the number who attempted to cross the busy shipping channel in the whole of 2018, according to official French figures released Monday.The 48-year-old was discovered on Friday near the seaside resort of Zeebrugge, wearing a makeshift life jacket made of empty plastic bottles and carrying a small bag with his identity papers, the prosecutor’s office in Bruges said.Officials believe the man drowned while trying to swim from a beach in northern France to Britain.The sailor had informed French maritime authorities of the August 18 incident, saying he had tried to save the man, but he was swept away by a current

المسؤولية مع المساءلة هي السمة

أطلق  تطبيق . "يجب أن تصل الفوائد إلى المستفيدين المقصودين. 4:45 مساءً: وصفوسائل التواصل الاجتماعي بأنها أداة تمكين ، وتمكين كل فرد في تقديم المعلومات وتلقيها. يجب على الأشخاص الذين يرغبون في القيام بالخدمة الاجتماعية أولاً تقديم توقف الأبقار عن أكل البلاستيك والنفايات: قال مودي في حلقة نقاش شارك فيها رافي شانكار براساد والصحفي راجات شارما وسميتا براساد إنها أيضًا أداة للمساءلة: نريد تطوير حوكمة جيدة حيث تكون العمليات المعنية يقول مودي: "أقل من ذلك ويتم إنجاز الأمور بسهولة على المواطنين". "إن  هي الجسر الرقمي بين المواطنين والحكومة ،" قال بي بي تشودري ، وزير الدولة والقانون والعدل والإلكترونيات وتكنولوجيا المعلومات.

معالجة المظالم هي عنصر أساسي في الديمقراطية ، يجب أن تتم معالجة مشاكل كل مواطن والاستجابة لها: والحكم الرشيد سوف يفيد المزارعين. نحن لا نعمل من أجل التأمين الصحي فحسب ، بل أيضًا الضمان الصحي: مساءً: تم تكريم الشباب الستة الذين طوروا تطبيقعلى المسرح 5: 15 مساءً: وصل إلى الوظيفة وهو يسلم توزيع الجوائز على الفائزين في مسابقة "6:29 مساءً: كل شخص لديه طاقة هائلة بداخلهم. يجب أن يحث هؤلاء الأشخاص على عدم إلقاء البلاستيك على الطرق.

سيشهد الحدث مشاركة من مختلف أصحاب المصلحة بما في ذلك وزراء مجلس الوزراء وكبار المسؤولين من الوزارات والإدارات والمنظمات الحكومية وممثلين عن وسائل الإعلام وتكنولوجيا المعلومات وصناعة وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي والمواطنين الذين شاركوا في مبادرات MyGov. 2 أعضاء مسجلين في رئيس الوزراء ناريندرا مودي. سيتفاعل مع الأمة يوم السبت في استاد داخلي في نيودلهي في الساعة 5 مساءً ، في أول مبنى على الإطلاق من قبل رئيس وزراء هندي. يقول " ويضيف أنه إذا نمت الهند بنسبة 8 ٪ لمدة 30 عامًا ، فإن آلة القولبة بالحقن عالية السرعة ستصبح دولة متقدمة ، متحدثًا بهذه المناسبة ، قال براساد إن  لديها 35 ، وقد أطلق رئيس الوزراء البوابة في يوليو 2014 لتوفير فرصة للناس للمشاركة في مناقشات متعددة الموضوعات ومشاركة أفكارهم. يقول مودي ، إذا لم يتم التأكيد على الحوكمة الرشيدة ، فلن تتغير الحياة العادية للمواطن ، فلن تتطور. أدعو حكومات الولايات إلى اتخاذ إجراءات ضدهم: مودي.

أقوى شيء في الديمقراطية هو نظام معالجة المظالم:مساءً: العالم في حالة ركود. 6: 06 مساءً: نحتاج إلى التركيز على الرعاية الصحية الوقائية وبأسعار معقولة ، كما يقول مودي ، وهو يجيب على سؤال. 6:11 مساءً: قسم الصحة يفعل الآن كل ما في وسعه للذهاب إلى كل منزل لخلق الوعي. يقول مودي إنه يجب محاسبة كل مستوى من مستويات الحكومة ، كما يقول رئيس الوزراء Modi ، بنسبة 6٪ ، 5:38 مساءً: PM Modi يتلقى أسئلة حول مجموعة متنوعة من الموضوعات ، بما في ذلك الحوكمة الرشيدة والنمو الاقتصادي والقطاع الصحي 5:44 مساءً: يقول مودي ، بعد الفوز في الانتخابات ، تبدأ الحكومات عادة في التفكير في كيفية الفوز في الانتخابات المقبلة أو ما يجب القيام به للحصول على المزيد من الأصوات في المرة القادمة ، حيث تموت معظم الماشية لأنها تأكل القمامة البلاستيكية وغيرها من المواد ، وليس بسبب ذبح البقر. على الرغم من انخفاض القدرة الشرائية للعالم ، لدينا معدل نمو قدره 7.

افتتح وزير الاتصالات وتكنولوجيا المعلومات بالاتحاد رافي شانكار براساد يوم السبت "قاعة المدينة" للاحتفال بالذكرى السنوية الثانية لبوابة مشاركة المواطنين  مساءً: يقول مودي إنه يجب على الهند التركيز على نوع السياحة الذي يعرض ما هو فريد من نوعه في ثقافة الدولة وتراثها ، وليس ما هو شائع في العالم. 6:15 مساءً: يؤكد رئيس الوزراء على مهمة "Smart City Plus" للقرى ، لإنشاء 300 قرية في Rurban ، حيث سيتم الحفاظ على "روح" القرية ولكن المرافق سيكون على المستوى الحضري. أحاول فقط إدراك ذلك لأن لدي مهمة ، كما يقول مودي عندما سُئل عن كيفية إدارته لمثل هذا الجدول الزمني المحموم.

إن تسليم الميل الأخير لا يقل أهمية عن السياسات. 5:50 مساءً: المسؤولية مع المساءلة هي السمة المميزة للحكم الرشيد ، قال يمكن أن يكون تحميل رئيس الوزراء المسؤولية عن كل ما يحدث على كل مستوى أمرًا جيدًا من الناحية السياسية ، أو بالنسبة إلى TRPs ، لكنه يجعل الإدارة ذات المستوى الأدنى تشعر أنها ليست مضطرة لتحمل المسؤولية. يشيع استخدام مفهوم Townhall كمفهوم في الغرب بين السياسيين أيضًا كرؤساء تنفيذيين للتفاعل مع الناس بشكل مباشر .. لقد أعطانا الله نفس القدرة على الأداء. ويقول إنه على الرغم من الدعاية الواسعة لمشاكل التطعيم الحكومية ، لا يزال العديد من الأطفال غير محصنين.

يستهدف رئيس الوزراء حتى في حادثة صغيرة في أي مكان. 6:35 مساءً: إذا أنفقنا 5٪ فقط من إجمالي إنفاقنا على الملابس على النول اليدوي والخادي ، فسوف نغير حياة فقرائنا: مساءً: هم نوع من الأشخاص الذين ينغمسون في أنشطة غير قانونية ومعادية للمجتمع في الليل ثم يتظاهرون بأنهم حماة أبقار في النهار. جاء ذلك ردًا على سؤال حول القرى الذكية ، حيث قال الوزير إن إنجازات الناس العاديين في البلاد يجب أن تُمنح مساحة إيجابية في منصة MyGov.

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